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FINDING MY WAY by Heidi McLaughlin

New Adult Contemporary Romance
The Beaumont Series #4

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Liam Westbury has the world at his feet. He's the quintessential golden boy. He's the superstar quarterback for Beaumont High. His girl, Josie is the head cheerleader. He has his choice of college just waiting for him. Except he is suffocating from all the pressure he is under and no one understands.

Liam Page is the heartthrob he never wanted to be. He's successful, smart, and in demand by record companies and his adoring fans. Music is his passion, his love, but something is missing. His nights are lonely and he longs for the girl he left behind. Seeing her in every face in the crowd haunts him with the knowledge that she hates him. Going home has never been an option until now.

Be there when Liam Westbury becomes Liam Page and follow the highs and lows of the Quarterback turned Rockstar as he finds his way back to Beaumont in this prequel to Forever My Girl.

WHOOP WHOOP! MORE LIAM! :) Thank you Heidi McLaughlin! I can't wait for this book! I am a big fan of this series, and love Liam and Josie! Mark your calendars for April. If you aren't reading this series you should be! I gave 5 Stars to Books 1-3!


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Author Info: 
Heidi is the author of USA Today, Digital Book World, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling novel, Forever My Girl. 

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell and two Parakeets. 

During the day Heidi is behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, she's writing one of the many stories planned for release or sitting court-side during either daughters basketball games. 

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flashes of Me by Cynthia Sax
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She likes to be watched...
He can't bear to look away
Henley, the head of cyber security at Blaine Technologies, is a man no one crosses. He watches employees constantly using his network of cmaeras and enforces his rules by any means possible. Rumors of his viloent past, his scarred hands and huge size have resulted in him being feared by everyone... almost everyone. 

Katalina, the new intern, worries about the revelation of her most painful secret much more than she fears her sexy bosses wrath. She sees the loneliness in his dark eyes, feels the gentleness in his marred fingers, tastes the need in his kisses, and she knows he watches her. His silly rules about not stripping for the camera and no sex at the office are destined to be broken.

Kat likes to be watched, Henley can't look away. Will this beauty tame her beastly boss? 
But can this beauty...
tame her beastly boss?

Holy smokes this is one HOT read! Flashes of Me offers readers an erotic twist on the classic beauty and the beast tale.  Henley and Kat are so hot together I recommend reading this somewhere you won't be embarassed by the amount of blushing you might experience. The characters are well developed and readers will empathize with their struggles and  feel like they are a part of their story.

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I give Flashes of Me - 5 Stars, totally what I wanted and more from the first page to the last page! For .99 this novella is a steal, it is a great read that will have you looking for what's next for Cynthia Sax (I saved you the trouble of looking: Breaking All the Rules is set for release on April 1st and features Camille, the rule-breaker you met in this book). Also, if you snag this book and enjoy it as much as I did Cynthia Sax's Seen Trilogy is also available and is super hot as well (Click here for my review of The Seen Trilogy).

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Author Info:
Cynthia Sax lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say "I love you," they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys of her research, while they travel the world together meeting new people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali and Chicago.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rushing Amy by Julie Brannagh
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Julie Brannagh's sparkling romantic Love and Football series continues!

For Amy Hamilton, only three F's matter: Family, Football and Flowers. It might be nice to find someone to share Forever with too, but right now she's working double overtime while she gets her flower shop off the ground. The last thing she needs or wants is a distraction... or help, for that matter. Especially in the form of gorgeous and aggravatingly arrogant ex-NFL star Matt Stephens.

Matt lives by a playbook- his playbook. He never thought his toughest opponent would come in the form of a stunning florist with a stubborn streak to match his own. Since meeting her in the bar after her sisters wedding, he's known there's something between them. After she refuses -again and again- to go out with him, Matt will do anything to win her heart.... But will Amy, who has everything to lose, let the clock run out on the one-yard line?

Julie Brannagh's Love and Football series is a must read for any sports romance fan... or actually any contemporary romance fan. I became hooked on this series after reading Blitzing Emily, Love and Football Book #1 (on-sale for .99 currently). Rushing Amy is another lovely upbeat romantic read that will leave you smiling long after the last page is turned. I loved the way the relationship developed between Amy and Matt, his persistence, as well as her half-hearted reluctance. This was one of those reads that is pretty upbeat, pretty happy, and will leave you with the warm and fuzzies :)

Rushing Amy is  part of the Love and Football series, but can be read as a stand-alone book. There are characters that reappear, but this story really belongs to Matt and Amy alone.. or actually together!  This series has earned a spot on my keeper shelf and upon finishing this book I  immediately wanted to know when the next book in this series is set for release (Catching Cameron- May 2014).

I gave Rushing Amy- *5 Stars*... Give this book a chance and I have a feeling you will also fall in love with Football... especially Seattle Sharks Football!

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Author Info:
Julie Brannagh has been writing since she was old to hold a pencil. She lives in a small town near Seattle, where she once served as a city council member and owned a yarn shop. She shares her home with a wonderful husband, two uncivilized Maine Coons and a rambunctious chocolate Lab.

Julie hasn't quite achieved the goal of owning a pro football tea, so she created a fictional one: The Seattle Sharks. When she's not writing, she's reading or armchair quarterbacking her favorite NFL team from the comfort of the family room couch.  Julie is a Golden Heart finalist and the author of four contemporary sports romances.

Author Links:, FacebookTwitter @JulieinduvallGoodreads
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Confessions of a Secret Admirer-
A Valentine's Day Anthology

Some secrets are meant to be revealed…

Or so you'll discover, in three sexy, unforgettable Valentine's Day stories for New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Ryan and contemporary romance stars Candis Terry and Jennifer Seasons.

Waiting for You by Jennifer Ryan
Rancher Grant Devane has waited for Taylor Larson's return to Fallbrook for more than ten years. Now that the fearless beauty has come home on her terms, he'll do anything and everything to win back her heart.

Sweet Fortune by Candis Terry
Sarah Randall is tired of being invisible to the opposite sex. So when a leap of faith sends her to Sweet, Texas, and into the path of ridiculously hot Deputy Brady Bennett, she's determined to catch his eye.. even if it mans staying hidden just a little bit longer.

Major League Crush by Jennifer Seasons
Professional baseball player Drake Paulson can't help wanting to know more about his cute, shy neighbor. But when he discovers her deepest secret and she flees, it'll be up to him to win her trust-and her love-one gift at a time.

Confessions of a Secret Admirer is a lovely anthology releasing just in time for Valentine's day and features three separate novellas by three seperate & amazing authors. This collection of stories will have you smiling, giggling and possibly blushing as well (I know I was!).  The secret admirer theme gives these stories an interesting flare and I lord all three. Someone asked me which was my favorite if I  had to choose and I couldn't decide they were all three fabulous.

Waiting for You is my first Jennifer Ryan read and I am going to call it a teaser, because now that I've had a taste of her writing I need to read more! Candis Terry reinforced the reason I love her writing with Sweet Fortune.  The story of Sarah and Deputy Brady add to the already amazing Sweet, Texas series.  Everyone who follows my blog knows I am a Jennifer Seasons super fan! I love her baseball books and Major League Crush  was no exception.. Drake, oh Drake....I would have bought and  read this story a full length book too!

If you are looking for a pick me up collection of stories to get you ready for Valentine's Day, grab this book! It is LOVE-ly!

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Until next time.. May your secret admirer treat you extra special! Happy Reading!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Love TKO by Selene Chardou

An Irish Mixed Martial Artist who is fighting for the UFC Championships in Las Vegas.

A beautiful hustler who is counting the clock down to her twenty-eighth birthday when she can finally retire and enjoy her life.

"I can't allow what I feel for him to stop me from seeing the end goal. I never wanted this to be my life and in six months, it no longer will be.

"But there is something about Torin Duffy that makes my heart race, and creates a shortness of breath I have never felt in my life. 

"I'm jaded; part of me feels like I am unlovable but when I am with him, he makes me feel wanted, needed, protected and it's a slow burn that is leisurely turning me inside out and my emotions upside down.

"We both know how dangerous this is but nothing can stop the hurricane of emotions we make each other feel, and his touch is so dangerous, I know he could leave me broken beyond repair. 

"How do we stop something that can destroy us both? What should he risk what he's wanted his whole life over me?

"We both know where this is leading but how can we stop it when it's too late to turn back now?"
- Chiara Bassi
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Author Info:
Selene Chardou is a world traveler and the alter-ego of Elle Chardou.

Ms. Chardou's writing is all about hot romance and exciting times wight he wild, damaged, out of control, rich and famous set in the world of Contemporary Romance.

She is currently working on Jaded Faith, the third novel in the Scarlet Fever Series, Naked Dirty Love, the second novel in the Rough Riders Series and Love TKO: Out For the Count, the second novel in the Love Unexpected Series.

Ms. Chardou has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Review: Blue Lines by Toni Aleo

Opposites do more than just attract in Toni Aleo's latest Nashville Assassins novel about a very bad boy and the good girl he can't resist.

The instant Piper Allen sees Erik Titov, she wants him- wants his rock-hard body, sure, but the strength and mystery that lie behind that superstar hockey jock demeanor, too. So when he sidles up to her at a bar and slinks his arm around her waist, she's lost. What follows is the wildest night of her life...followed by inevitable heartbreak the next morning. And then, a few weeks later, a very big surprise: two blue lines on a pregnancy test.

Only a check to the head could make Erik fall for a nice girl like Piper. But since their crazy-sexy night together, he's been trying to forget her alluring body by falling into bed with every woman in Nashville, and it's not working. So when Piper shows up at his house with a baby-bomb to drop, it doesn't take much for Erik to suggest the nuclear option: marriage. While it's supposed to be all for show, the second they say "I do," the ice between them starts to melt into sizzling steam.

OMG- How can I call myself an Assassins super fan? I totally wrote this review and blog post the DAY after I finished reading this book (nearly 4 months ago)- and somehow never hit the publish button!  At long last here is my review.. I actually hit PUBLISH this time!

Just when I can't think Toni Aleo's Assassins series can't get any better- it does. I was so excited to receive the ARC of Blue Line's I accidentally sent it to my Kindle nine times because I was too impatient to wait for the document file to download... whoops! It's a good thing I read this the week of Halloween- the raccoon eyes I came to work with after staying up all night to finish this book just looked a little festive.

I felt like I had been waiting for Piper and Erik's story, forever! I wanted this book the instant I finished the last Assassins book and even more when Toni released the FREE Assassins short story, 4 & Counting a few weeks ago to hold me over- (CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED 4 & COUNTING).

Erik is the little brother of Jakob Titov- background: Jakob is married to Harper- Piper's big sister and Ellie's best friend from Taking Shots, Assassins Book #1). To say that Erik had a rough childhood would be an understatement, he sees himself as damaged and in no way would he ever be good enough for good girl Piper Allen- and to top it off she is family. Erik's bad boy behavior has him in deep water with Ellie the Assassins owner- and he needs Piper's help. All Piper wants is Erik to return her love and love their baby. She is see's the man under that bad boy facade and with a little patience, maybe he will come around, or maybe Ellie will kick his you know what.

This story is full of all the trademark things I love about a Toni Aleo book, the hockey action, love, lust and angst. I loved Erik, even if at times I wanted to hug him and punch him at the same time. I loved Piper the first time we were introduced to her and even more after I finished this read. Blue Lines is a stand alone read, however I recommend reading this series in order. I gave Blue Lines 5 STARS, I can't wait for more from this series and from this author. Toni Aleo makes me fall in love with her writing more each time I turn the last page of a new book!

Assassins Series in Order:
Taking Shots-  Shea & Ellie
Trying to Score- Lucas & Fallon
Empty Net- Tate & Audrey
Falling for the Backup (stand alone-novella) - Jordan & Aynslee
4& Counting- (free novella)- more Shea & Ellie :)
Blue Lines- Erik & Piper

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Author Info: 
Toni Aleo
Toni Aleo is the author of the Nashville Assassins series: Taking Shots, Trying to Score, Empty Net, and Blue Lines (releases this summer). When not rooting for her beloved Nashville Predators, she's probably going to her husband's and son's hockey games and her daughters dance competitions, taking pictures, scrapbooking, or reading the latest romance novel. She lives in the Nashville area with her husband, two children and a bulldog. 

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Until next time… Happy Reading!