Review Policy

This blog is my guilty pleasure. I enjoy reading and love telling other people about the books I love! 

I most enjoy reading books in the following genres: Sports Romance (my favorite), Contemporary, New Adult, Historical and some Paranormal. But, if you have something that you really want me to read send it my way. My reviews are unscripted and honest. I tell it like I see it, with that being said if I don't give a book more than four stars it won't be featured on my blog. I will also participate in select cover reveals and blasts at my discretion. I will let you know within 7 business days if I choose to review or not to review it, along with a time frame for a posted review. 

Please let me know know if you have a specific date you are hoping for the review to be posted, (ie: Cover Reveal, On-Sale Day, etc.) any giveaways you would like included. I also love pairing reviews and blasts with author interviews, so let me know if you are also willing to participate in that as well. 

Please send any review requests by emailing me using this link: 

Thank you for your interest in Save Your Money for Books!

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