Thursday, February 21, 2013

Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands

As I have said many times it is pretty AWESOME to be an Avon Addict  Earlier this month I received my monthly box of goodies and on the top of the stack of books was Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands. I have to admit I have seen her name at the bookstore, and online, but have never read one of her books. I liked the cover so, quickly I scanned the back cover  and thought this sounds good... Later that night  I tucked the kids into bed, turned the first page and the next thing I knew it was 3am

Valerie didn't believe in Vampires.. excuse me Immortals, I mean why would she.. until she is kidnapped and imprisoned by a rogue Immortal. Valerie is rescued by the Argeneau rescue team. Anders one of her rescuers finds that he can't resist his attraction to her and believes Valerie to be his life mate. Anders will do anything to protect her and to make her his...

Immortal Ever After is the latest book in Ms. Sands Argeneau series. Not having read any previous books in this series, I was a little worried I might not be able to jump right into the story, I quickly discovered that the books in this series are all stand alone books. 

I love the way Lynsay "humanizes" Anders. Immortals have a sensory awakening when they find their life mate, after years of not eating real food, his appetite returns, and he loves ice cream..(so cute).  The attraction and chemistry between Anders and Valerie will make your heart flutter and your toe's curl (As for the humor- just wait until you read what Ander's real name is... that made me laugh out loud). The drama in the book is effectively married with the passion and the humor. I finished this book wishing every book I read made me feel this way when I turned the final page. 

Immortal Ever After will be released on February 26th, but is currently available for pre-order. The Mass Market Paperback is available at Amazon & BN for $7.63 for the Mass Market Paperback and $6.64 for Kindle Edition Click here to Pre-Order on Amazon      

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To celebrate release day Avon Romance has set up a Twitter Chat with Lynsay Sands. Here are the details for the chat, join me for this fun event:

Date: Tuesday, February 26th
Time: 3-4:00pm ET
Hashtag: #EverAfter
I am excited to read more books in this series and if you are a fan of series books there are A LOT of them (20 to be exact). On the top of my TBR list is Bite Me If You Can, I  loved Lucian and Leigh's relationship in this book, so I can't wait to see how they became the couple they are in Immortal Ever After. 

Check out  Lynsay Sand's website by clicking here for more information on this series and her complete book lists:

Until next time... Happy Reading! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Duke Diaries by Sophia Nash

February is full of new releases and I am really excited to share with you all the latest in Sophia Nash's Royal Entourage series. I was lucky enough to receive and ARC as part of my awesome Avon Addict status! (The rest of you will have to wait until it releases on February 26th) This is a super fun Regency read and if you are a fan of the other books in this series, you are going to LOVE this one! 

Here is a little teaser, with the book description and the super steamy cover! 

THE DUKE DIARIES, on sale February 26
The latest duke to be undone by drink in Sophia Nash’s Royal Entourage series is also the newest, titled for services rendered to the Crown. Caught in bed with his archenemy’s still-innocent sister the morning after the most outrageous bachelor party of the century, Rory Lennox, the Duke of Abshire, knows his goose is cooked. To make amends he enters into an engagement with her to hold society at bay, but tangles with his growing attraction for this fearless, plucky lady.

Verity Fitzroy is one of five plain sisters of the premier duke, Candover. And while she’s always been fascinated by Abshire, she has far too much pride to marry a gentleman against his will. She insists that she will break off the engagement at the end of the season, even if it renders her unmarriagable.

Meanwhile, a series of entries from a discovered diary begin appearing in a London paper. These entries detail the most scandalous, most shameful exploits of The Royal Entourage. With the French Revolution so fresh in the minds of the populace, these tales of excess could incite the country to a revolt. Speculation is that Abshire recorded his friends misdeeds, but Verity knows who the real culprit is, and the truth could destroy any hope of happiness she has with the duke. But when a series of mysterious accidents takes place, Abshire and Verity must each make peace with the past to discover a passionate love that will transform them forever.

You can pre-order this book now! has the Mass Market Paperback is $7.99 and the Kindle Edition is $6.64. Click here to Pre-Order @ Amazon . also has the Mass Market Paperback for $7.99 and the Nook Edition for $6.99 Click here to Pre-Order @ BN .

For more information on the other books in Sophia Nash's Royal Entourage Series, visit her author website at:

Until next time...  Happy Reading! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Got You, Babe by Jane Graves

Let me start by saying this is the first Jane Graves book I've ever read and it will certainly not be the last! The description of this book hooked me and I knew I wanted to read it right away, I didn't count on not being able to put it down for four hours (sorry about the late dinner kids :).

Renee is a fugitive on the run after being wrongly accused of armed robbery, and with an ogre of a bounty hunter on her heels she needs to get away somewhere fast.

John is a cop on leave just trying to take a break until a hot blonde with deep blue eyes walks into the place he is having dinner and offers him a night of amazing sex, IF he takes her home immediately.
His cop instincts kick in, but for some reason he can't turn down this woman...

After a run in with the bounty hunter, John finds himself saddled with Renee and resigned to turn her in.. but, the more time he spends with her the more he starts to believe in her innocence.. Will he choose to risk his career to help her, or will he turn her in and move on?

The action begins in the first chapter and will keep you turning the pages quickly until the end. There is passion, emotion and humor all bundled into an amazing package. I laughed, I cried and my heart swelled. I give this book 5 Stars and highly recommend you check it out too!

This book is currently available for Kindle and nook for the bargain price of $3.99. The books include excerpts from other Jane Graves books at the end and they all sound so great I want them all. I am so excited to have discovered a new author that I already love!

Here is a link to Ms. Grave's website that includes her book lists, contest and lots of fun things:

Until next time.. Happy Reading!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Trouble with Valentine's Day
by Rachel Gibson

I love Valentine's Day! The cards, the colors, the flowers.. a whole day dedicated to celebrating love, what's not to love about that!  I love a romantic evening out with the husband, but I also enjoy a quiet evening with the kids in bed, a cool glass of Pinot in my hand, my favorite blanket and a good book!  My husband will be traveling for work this Valentine's Day, so looks like plan B is my only option this year! 

The Trouble with Valentine's Day by Rachel Gibson is my cuddle up book of choice for Valentine's Day 2013! Avon Romance has re-released this book and at the perfect time of year! I read it during it's first release and it immediately earned a spot on my keeper shelf!  

Here is the book description courtesy of

It's the one day each year when being single is a sin . . .

The Trouble With Valentine's Day? It just plain stinks! Kate Hamilton should know. Dumped by her boyfriend, burnt out by her job, she's returned to Gospel, Idaho, where a Mountain Momma Crafters' original poetry reading is about as good as it gets on a Friday night. Then her first attempted seduction of a hunky stranger is completely rejected. So much for her self-esteem!

It turns out that Rob Sutter, former ice hockey madman, owner of Sutter's Sports—and the hunky stranger who told her to get lost—has been more than burned by love and isn't looking for a relationship. But then he and Kate find themselves in an ultra-compromising position in the M&S Market after-hours, giving the phrase "clean up in aisle five" a whole new meaning, and causing a whole lot of gossip in Gospel . . .

This book is full of the trademark Rachel Gibson mix of humor, love and warmth. The characters are likable and the backstory between Rob's mother and Kate's grandfather is adorable. I give this book Five Stars (ok Five HEARTS- for the Holiday)! 

The Mass Market paperback is currently on sale for $7.99 and the Kindle/Nook versions are available for the STEAL price of $3.79.

I am giving one of my reader's a chance to win a Kindle or Nook version of this awesome book, just use my Rafflecopter below to enter! Thanks for stopping by and good luck! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hip Check by Deirdre Martin
(NY Blades #10)

Esa Saari, star player (and playboy) for the New York Blades becomes the sole guardian for his eight-year-old niece Nell after his sister dies in a plane crash. Hockey season is just around the corner, he has no experience with children and it is really crimping his lifestyle, he needs a nanny FAST!

Enter Michelle Beck, Michelle is an amazing nanny who recently gave up her position with a celebrity family. Hearing what Nell has gone through breaks her heart and she knows this little girl needs her. 

Accepting the live-in nanny position she immediately bonds with Nell.  She can relate to Nell because she too lost her mother at a young age, and  has a take no prisoner’s attitude when it comes to making sure Esa does what is right for Nell.

Esa is not used to someone telling him what to do (especially when he is technically the boss), but he knows deep down that Michelle knows what is best for his niece. The more Michelle and Esa work together for Nell, the more sexual tension begins to build. 

Will playboy Esa realize that his feelings for Michelle are real, and will Michelle cross the employer/employee line and give in to her feelings for Esa, especially since it could really be detrimental to Nell if it doesn’t work out?

Deirdre Martin did it again!  I have loved all of her New York Blades books, so far, but this one is near the top of my favorites list. The chemistry between Esa and Michelle is electric, and let me tell you Ms. Martin knows how to make a love scene S-T-E-A-M-Y!  Reading this  also felt like attending a family reunion for me, revisiting with some of my other Blades favorites, Therese & Michael Dante, Rory & Erin Brady, Jason & Deililah Mitchell (and of course STANLEY!!!), Nutty Ulf, Lou… the list goes on.

Hip Check is currently available in Mass Market Paperback, or for Kindle and Nook from $7.99. Here is a link to purchase it on Amazon right now! Go get it!!!

Sports Romance is one of my favorite genres.  I have a list of authors that I faithfully follow and 
pre-order their books as soon as the release dates are announced! Deirdre Martin is on the top of that list! If you love Sports Romance and haven’t read her books, I recommend starting with Body Check, the first in her Blades series, it was the first book I read by her and it hooked me before the end of the first chapter! 

Here is a link to the authors website, follow the links under the NY Blades Tabs for a listing of all books in this series, they can be read stand alone, or in order, trust me once you start, you won't stop!