Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Lady Risks All- by Stephanie Laurens

I was given advanced access to the eARC of The Lady Risks All by Stephanie Laurens last month, thanks to my very cool Avon Addict status. I also participated in a very cool Addict exclusive web chat with Ms. Laurens (one of my all time favorite historical authors) and was able to ask her questions about her process in writing this book, and to grill her a little about her next book in the Cynster Series.. "And then She Fell"- to be released on March 2013. 

The Lady Risks All went on sale on September 25th and is in the top 5 on the New York Times Best Seller List for Paperback Mass Market Fiction. Amazon.com has the Kindle Edition listed for $6.99 and the paperback edition for $7.99, The Nook Book and paperback edition is currently priced at $7.99 at BN.com.  Below is my review of The Lady Risks All. 

If you want to take a chance and "risk all", this might be a good place to start :) 
Happy Reading! 

The Lady Risks All- Review by MommyIves

Neville Roscoe was not always Neville Roscoe, he was born Lord Julian Delbraith, Males in his family are susceptible to a gambling addiction, only Lord Julian was the exception, he was actually a good gambler. His older brother commits suicide and leaves the family in imminent financial ruin, Lord Julian gives up his life to save his siblings and nephew from ruin and secretly becomes Neville Roscoe the successful gambling kingpin

Lady Miranda Clifford also has a family "curse", members of her family who have given into impropriety have lost their lives. Upon the death of her mother she and her younger brother Roderick lived with her two spinster Aunts, who constantly remind her of her need to remain untarnished and proper.

Miranda has spent most of her life taking care of Roderick and just when she thinks he is of an age to not need her constant mothering, he disappears. With no other choice she turns to her neighbor the illustrious Roscoe to help her find her brother. Roscoe agrees to help Miranda find her brother and along the way he finds it harder and harder to hide his true identity. Will he open up to her? Will she give up her fear of impropriety for a chance at real love?

This book was another Laurens masterpiece for me. Her characterizations are wonderful and descriptions are so detailed, she paints a beautiful picture in your mind. There are several characters in the book that I hope to see again, in particular- Jordan (please write his story for us Mrs. Laurens). This book is one of her more lengthy  (496 pages), if you enjoy a great period romance that you can really sink your teeth into this is the book for you.

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