Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Cowboy for Christmas, A Jubilee, Texas Novel

Lissette Montcrief may have lost her husband Jake in Afghanistan, but she had really lost him to the military long before his death. Finding out that her infant son, Kyle is slowly going deaf and that her husband left his life insurance and military death benefits to a half-brother she never knew of puts her into panic mode. Struggling to figure out how she will support her son and take care of his added medical expenses, she begins her own baking business and tries to stay calm. 

Upon receiving the monies from his brother's estate, Rafferty Jones knows that he can’t accept money that should be for his brother’s widow and sets out to give her what is rightfully hers. Rafferty is used to taking care of people and once he sets his eyes on Lissette and Kyle he knows he can’t just leave, they need him and maybe he needs them just a little bit more. 

Lissette is determined to do things on her own, Rafferty is determined to help, when these two opposites get together sparks fly and just maybe Lissette’s husband Jake knew what he was doing all along when he left his estate to his half-brother. 

This is a heartwarming contemporary read. The characters are genuine and the background romance between Jake’s mother and her neighbor only add to the story. Readers of Lori Wilde’s other Jubilee, Texas novels will certainly enjoy this latest addition. This book is a great pick for a Christmas romance and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy after the last chapter. This book would make a great stocking stuffer for that romance lover in your life! 

A Cowboy for Christmas is currently available as a Mass Market Paperback for $7.99 or $4.37 for Kindle and $5.99 for Nook.

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