Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Enforcer by Nikki Worrell

As most of you  know sports romance (especially hockey) is my thing!  I was excited for the chance to read and review The Enforcer, the debut book for a new author , Nikki Worrell. The Enforcer is book #1 in her NHL Scorpion series. 

Lacey Benoit is in need of a fresh start. Her best friend, Dr. Zoe Millis, has been begging her to make the move from Maine to California. Taking a leap of faith, Lacey does just that. 

Living in San Diego definitely has its perks, such as, sunshine and beaches. The best part of moving to the west coast, however, is that Steven is still on the east coast. Catching your almost husband having sex with one of your bridesmaids on your wedding day would make even the strongest woman jaded. Therefore, Lacey has sworn off men for a while, especially men who travel a lot that have easy access to loose women.

When Lacey meets the new enforcer for the San Diego Scorpions, she thinks she might be in trouble. But she is determined to fight her attraction to the sexy NHL hunk. And she is successful ... for about a day.

The book is told from multiple POV's. Some other reviewers had questioned this writing style, but it worked for me. I felt like I could follow the conversations and the characters thoughts well. I thought that this book started well and got better as it progressed. 

Jody and Lacey have chemistry from their first text message interaction to their first encounter in the bar, (where Lacey rescues the Alpha Male- this was one of favorite scenes).  Ms. Worrell writes a pretty awesome on-ice hockey scene and even better... she writes one heck of a toe curling love scene. Some of the interactions between Jody and Lacey are so hot you may need to read them somewhere you don't mind blushing. Jody is the typical Alpha Male- super protective.. jealous.. but he is trusting and he and Lacey develop a wonderful relationship on the pages.

The back story impossible romance of Lacey's friend and team Psychologist, Dr. Zoe and team Goalie, Vlad is great and I look forward to reading their story. Zoe and Vlad are set to star in  Book #2 in this series, Goalie Interference. We meet several other players along the way and I in particular look forward to also reading Cage's story- Cage Booker is the wild hot shot rookie, who earned a place in my heart for beating up Lacey's ex, Steven, when he sees him smack Lacey.. "no one hits a woman"- he definitely has potential.

I think for a debut book by a new author this is a pretty solid start. I give it 4 out of 5 stars and I will definitely be reading the other books in this series once they are released.

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