Friday, July 18, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Letting Go by Molly McAdams

I love Molly McAdams! If you do too, check out her cover reveal for Letting Go!

ON-SALE 11/4/2014

When Grey and Ben fell in love at thirteen, they believed they would be together forever. They never dreamed that three days before their wedding, twenty-year old Ben would suddenly die from an unknown heart condition, destroying his would-be-bride's world. Grey would have spent the next two years just going through the motions if it hadn't been for their best friend, Jagger. He's the only one who understands her pain.. the only one who knows what it's like to force yourself to keep moving when your dreams are shattered.

While everyone else worries over Grey's fragility, Jagger is the only one who sees her strength, and vows to always be there for her- even if it's only has her best friend. As much as he wants Grey, he knows her heart will always be with Ben. But when Grey finds out that Jagger has loved her since before he he even knew what love was, it might prove too much for her to handle.

Grey soon realizes the chemistry is undeniable, and they learn that admitting their feelings for each other means they've got to face the past. Is being together what Ben would have wanted... or a betrayal of his memory that will eventually destroy them both?


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I can't wait for this book! Until next time... Happy pre-ordering... and reading! :) 

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