Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: Ghost Dance (Tulsa Thunderbirds #3) by Catherine Gayle

The night Dmitri Nazarenko won hockey's Holy Grail, he lost more than he ever bargained for. With a world of guilt weighing him down, Dima can never forgive himself for his tragic misjudgment. Turning his body into a shrine of past mistakes, he hides behind tattoos that memorialize his failures and a beard that masks his pain.

But London Hawke sees right through him, The fiery woman refuses to pity a man like him. No stranger to incurable injuries, London lets nothing stand in the way of living her life. Seeing an able-bodied man haunted by ghosts of his past is a surefire way to trigger her annoyance, and that's exactly what she finds in Dima.

When they face off, it becomes a battle of wills. Their constant bickering turns to an avoidance dance between the sheets. But she won't except sharing a bed with the past for long. Will Dima learn to fight his demons or will London leave him do dance with his ghosts alone?

Ghost Dance is book number three in author Catherine Gayle's Tulsa Thunderbird series. Dima is the epitome of a dark brooding hero. Hiding behind a beard and not forgiving himself for the accident that cost his best friend his career. London is making the best of the cards fate has dealt her. An accident has left her wheelchair bound, but she doesn't let that stop her from doing everything she wants to do in life and helping others along the way.

After taking one look at Dima, she  decides to help him move on with his life. A perfect twist of fate finds them snowed in together for several days. Dima has a a big thick (ok get your mind out of the gutter, stay with me here) emotional wall built around his heart. When things get tough, he walks away.. literally, or uses his sexual prowess to distract and change the subject quickly. The more London encourages him to open up with her the more frustrated he gets and before long running isn't an option so he goes to plan B. These two are so hot together, even though at times they don't seem to like each other very much.. but in bed they do a lot more than like each other.

Ghost Dance is an emotionally heart-wrenching and uplifting read.  I loved London's take charge attitude and as Dima began to open up he quickly earned a spot in my heart. Their story has a few unexpected twists that kept me interested and quickly tuning the pages. Author Catherine Gayle has an unparalleled ability to take real life circumstances that others may find less than sexy and turn them around giving her readers a whole new perspective on life and love. I gave Ghost Dancer 5 SHINING STARS. This reader can't wait for more from this series and author! 

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I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I honestly loved this story! 

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