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Sinfully Summer by Aimee Duffy
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Notorious heiress Alexa Green has certainly been enjoying her most recent girls-holiday in Marbella. Just as we thought, she's been knocking back cocktails and showing off her fabulous bikini body on the beach... but rumor has it she's also been spotted sneaking out of Enrique Castillo's penthouse in the early hours of this morning- in nothing but her underwear! Our question is, doesn't this fiercely private billionaire know what he's letting himself in for?

He's got millions.. and she knows how to spend them! So lie back on your sun lounger and get comfortable, because this summer fling is going to be a sizzler!


"Adrenaline roared through her veins. This was her only chance. Pushing away from the wall, she rounded the lift, desperately seeking an escape. She barely noticed the plush furnishings, soft-looking leather sofas and floor to ceiling window which showcased the most spectacular view she'd ever seen. Instead she focused on the walls surrounding the elevator.

'Are you lost?'

The heavily accented voice froze her to the spot. She darted a glance toward the sound. Dark brows furrowed over the richest colored eyes she'd seen. His gaze swept over the length of her body, then up, lingering on her rear for a beat too long. Her skin tingled under his scrutiny.

Turning her whole body to face him, she slapped a hand on her hip. 'Had a good enough look?'

Her lips quirked in a sexy, lopsided grin. The jitters were back and Alexa swore the temperature in the room shot up ten degrees. Her gaze dropped to his broad shoulders, covered in a thin white t-shirt, then down to a well filled chest. She could see a dark pattern beneath the t-shirt. She longed to find out what kind of tattoo he had. Usually, tats didn't do it for her. But on that body...

She snapped her attention back to his face. He stepped toward her, his jaw set, his eyes dancing with humor and something darker... something that made her blood heat and her mouth water.

Alexa raised her arm, palm out. 'Hold it there, Mr. Any closer and I'll scream.'

He paused by the sofa. Propping his hip against the cream leather, he folded his arms across his chest, causing the muscles to bulge. The moisture drained from her mouth and flooded her belly.

'No one's here to hear you.' He cocked a brow. 'You seem to be forgetting where you are and, ' his gaze dipped down to her breast causing the nipple to peak against the lacy fabric 'how underdressed.'

Alexa thought this moment would have topped the blush scale. She planted her other hand on her hip and glared at him, unwilling to show any weakness. 'I'm just leaving.'

She turned and strode back to the lift, keeping her back straight and trying not to wiggle her hips too much. The predatory sheen in his eyes made her body more jittery than the idea of sprinting around the lower floor in her underwear. She reached out to hit the button, but a large hand circled her wrist before she made it.

Alexa squeaked and darted back a step. He was so close, and his chest was right in her face. She could see the dark outline of the tattoo beneath the cotton. The outline of a burning sun, she thought, or something that looked like a sun. Her hands itched to lift the material and see for herself.

'I'm up here.'

She snapped her gaze back to his smirking face and took another step back. His lips kicked up at the corners and his eyes darkened. She swallowed against the urge to stop closer, to feel his hard body pressed against hers. But she realized she was in little more than her bra and knickers in this stranger's home. Unease skittered down her spine.

Alexa squared her shoulders, trying to quash the fear turning her heated blood into cold sludge. 'I'm leaving now.'

'After you explain what your doing in my home in your undergarments.'

'Undergarments?' Alexa pressed her lips together to keep a giggle at bay, 'Seriously?'"

This book would make a great beach read- you can tell this by just looking at the cover! I was hooked after reading the description, I love my tabloids and this was a story ripped from the pages!  A sexy billionaire, beautiful fun heiress and an amazing location! I really enjoyed this read it was light and fun! The excerpt I posted above is from Ric and Alexa's first meeting and let me tell you the steam factor intensifies by about 300% if that is possible! My first Aimee Duffy book, but I look forward to more great reads by this author! I give it a very solid 4 STARS! 
Author Aimée Duffy

Pack your beach bag, load this book on your eReader and hit the sand!
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  1. Okay, I'm trolling you like a fool but hey, it's a party and I love to crash. Let's get things straight...first this blog site is utterly amazing. And secondly, SINFULLY SUMMER is my new fav romance. Now, I'm back to my Kindle Fire for more sin this summer. Alexa and Ric are quite the pair. Delicious romance you've crafted Duffy.

  2. Oh, and thank you for the lovely review!

    Thanks so much Susan!

  3. Looks like a great beach day read....

  4. Thanks everyone! Aimee, your cover compliments the color scheme of my blog perfectly :) Winner! :)

  5. "SINFUL SUMMER"!!? Hell, the only thing I have ever come close to "sin" was a pint of Ben and Jerry's!

    Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you!


  6. Definitely and anyone who hasn't needs to :)

  7. How can anyone resist a book with a title like that? It's on my reading list now. :)

  8. No, I've never had a sinful summer. I just like to read about them. ;-)

    Marcy Shuler