Monday, March 7, 2016

REVIEW: Losing an Edge (Portland Storm #8) -Catherine Gayle

USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle presents another novel in the Portland Storm hockey romance series.

Tired of being the second-best Babcock, Levi "501" Babcock is ready to outshine his older brother. Outranking his brother proves harder than he imagined- until he meets a sinfully sexy gold-medal-winning figure skater. She might be the prize he's been searching for all along.

Bubbly and spirited Cadence Johnson is determined to escape the shackles of her former partner. Moving to Portland gives her the fresh start she's craved, but the last thing she can afford is a distraction like Levi Babcock.

When Cadence's past comes back to threaten her and her life is on the line, Levi might be the safety net she never realized she needed. But will Levi still care about Losing an Edge to his biggest rival, or can he finally step out of his brother's shadow to become the hero in his own game?

Fans of Catherine Gayle's Portland Storm series will not be disappointed with her latest release. Levi Babcock was living in the shadow of his brother on paper and also in the heart of this reader. Jamie Babcock (Icebreaker- Portland Storm #0.5Taking A Shot (Portland Storm #2.5) & Dropping Gloves-Portland Storm #7) is one of my favorite heroes in this series, so to compete at his level Levi's story was going to have to be REALLY good, and it was!

Cadence is the sister of Cam Johnson aka Jonny (Delay of Game- Portland Storm #4), so this book is definitely keeping it inside the Portland Storm family. Cadence is coming out of a bad skating partnership and relationship. The last thing she needs is a distraction.. and Levi Babcock is most certainly a distraction. Levi has his work cut out for him, not only does he need to convince Cadence to give him a chance, he also has to avoid being assaulted by his teammate when he finds out he's making a move on his sister! Levi slowly worked his way into Cadence's heart and won this reader's heart just as subtly.

I gave Losing An Edge 5 STARS. This book could absolutely be read as a stand alone, however I recommend reading this series in order. Fans of the Portland Storm series will love the way this story comes together with many familiar faces playing a big part in Cadence & Levi's happily ever after. The plot builds at a perfect pace with Levi & Cadence's growing relationship, her search for a new skating partner and her ex's reluctance to fully let her go. I loved the protective brother, the loving Babcock family, and most of all the way Levi proves on and off the ice that there is another Babcock brother in town. Sports romance fans will love the way Catherine Gayle masterfully writes the on-ice action. There are times I felt like I was watching a real game and sitting on the edge of my seat, the details are spot on. Catherine Gayle writes a buildup to a goal both on the ice and off the ice like no other.

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I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I honestly loved this book! 

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