Friday, August 9, 2013

5 STARS for Off Course by Sawyer Bennett!

Renner Caldwell has her life perfectly mapped out. She has the ideal relationship, the perfect job, and all is right in her world. When a shameful turn of events happens, she boars the first plane bound for Ireland to lick her wounds and get her head back on straight.

Cillian O’Braidagh is the sexy, front man to the Irish rock band, Over the Edge. His rising fame and sultry voice make him every woman’s fantast come true. Not to mention his single-minded determination. To put it simply: what Cillian wants,
Cillian always gets. And he wants Renner, because there is just something about the flame-haired beauty that he has to possess.

If their relationship were just about sex and rock n’ roll it would be easy for them to get lost in their desires. Only their relationship is anything but a hook-up. Will lies, deceit and hidden tragedy get in the way, making the path to true love uncertain? Or will the girl whose been knocked Off Course, find her footing with the man who is teaching her it is okay to lose control?

Stay on course and read OFF COURSE by Sawyer Bennett.

OFF COURSE is the fourth book in her Off Series. It is currently the next to last book in the series (although we have a twitter campaign running to try to get her to write more of these books, #GETUSOFF –and yes that hash tag makes us all giggle like giddy school girls every time we use it!). 

Cillian & Renner met years before when she was visiting her family in Ireland and neither of them managed to forget about the other. Time only amplified their attraction and I was rooting for them to be together after the first reunion scene. Cillian is a rock boy; he is a little wild, edgy- not at all Renner’s normal type. She prefers (or thought she preferred) the buttoned up stable type- after one kiss from Cillian- she beings rethinking her preferences. They have amazing chemistry and they are HOT together! 

Ms. Bennett does a great job setting this book in Ireland- a place she admits in the prologue she’s never visited. The dialect is great, by the end of this book you will want Cillian calling you darlin’ or cailin alainn…. Swoon!

All the books in this series are fantastic, but I think this one may be my 2nd to favorite (I just can’t replace my book boyfriend Nix (Off Limits-Book #2) in my heart- sorry Cillian, you are still pretty hot). 

I give this book 5 STARS and highly recommend you add it (and this entire series) to your TBR list!

Off Series Books in Order:
Off Sides (Off Series #1- Featuring Ryan & Danny)
Off Limits (Off Series #2- Featuring Nix & Emily)
Off the Record (Off Series #3- Featuring Linc & Ever)
Off Course (Off Series #4- Featuring Cillian & Renner
Off Chance (Off Series #5- Flynn’s story- Release date TBD).

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Sawyer Bennett is the pen name for a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big furry dogs that hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report that she doesn’t have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.

For more info on this series or what she is working on next visit her website at, like her on Facebook, follow her @BennetBooks on Twitter

Until next time… Happy Reading! 

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  1. Love this review! I felt the same about which are my favorites. Nix and then Cillian. :)

    By the way, LOVE #GETUSOFF. haha.