Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blue by You by Rachel Gibson

They say you never forget your first time, but there is nothing Blue Butler and Kasper Pennington would rather forget than their brief but fiery teenage love affair. Yeah, it was hot while it lasted, but then he went off to join the Marines, leaving Blue in New Orleans. She's tried to block him from her mind for good, but nothing can really erase the feeling she had when she was with him.

And now he's got the never to return- leaner, meaner, and strong enough to pull her into his arms and kiss her senseless. Blue's a successful businesswoman now, with no time to figure out what went wrong all those years ago.  But Kasper knows eh's the one oman for him...and now he's got to prove it to her all over again. 

Blue by You an eBook novella by Rachel Gibson was released this week. I read this book in one sitting and while I love RG's writing,  I have trouble with her novellas. She does such a beautiful job with her characterizations and storytelling that she pulls you in and you want MORE, way more than 100 pages. I loved these characters, but would have been over the moon if this story was expanded into a full length book. I would buy it guaranteed.

This story centers around Kasper and Blue two descendants of New Orleans plantation families that have been feuding for generations,  they had a past encounter years ago, but reconnect and their sexual chemistry ignites a fire that draws them together, but will they be able to overcome the obstacles to avoid history repeating itself?

I love the banter from Kasper's grandmother, the opening scene in graveyard when she is confessing to Blue's grandmother's grave had me smiling and laughing. While reading this novella I kept picturing scenes from Gone with the Wind and it made me want to go to New Orleans and visit one of these old plantation homes (hence, proof that RG can tell a great story-even in 100 pages).

Please don't let me dissuade you from purchasing this novella, it like everything else Rachel Gibson writes is a good read. I am giving it 3.5 Stars and  I think for any RG fan you will want this novella for your collection.
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COMING SOON FROM RACHEL GIBSON:I had the pleasure of reading Rachel's next full length book, Run to You, set for release on September 24th. I will be reviewing that book next week, but let me tell you, Rachel Gibson is back on her A game. Run to you is FABULOUS, AWESOME, AMAZING... can you tell I loved it? I love most all or Rachel's books in general, they are all on my read and re-read shelves. I think Run to You may be my new favorite of all her books! I highly recommend pre-ordering it now! (At the time of this posting the Mass Market Paperback for Run to You was available at an INSANE pre-order price of only $4.79 (subject to change-Click here to pre-order Run to You).

I was given ARC's of Blue by You and Run to You for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own opinion and was not compensated in anyway for this review, other than being given access to these books.

Until next time! Happy Reading!

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